Dr. Benjamin Wagener


Advocacy for Humanity

From time to time Mankind meets a crossroad. In all our histories, through all our difficulties, with all our problems, there is something that always remains at first and finally, it is Humanity.

Sometimes we loose sight, sometimes Mankind is mislead, often with extremely bad consequences.

We are at such a crossroad and this is not the least. We build a World for some decades and that's now about all what remains.

Doing studies and Sciences during a whole part of my life, there is something that always lead me, it is the fundamental values that we share through Humanity. If I was mislead myself from time to time, this is also all what remains always and this is also the richest possible. I build my life around such values, sometimes mislead and often naive about their importance. We are at such a crossroad and I realized that, whatever I could do, the only that will ever count is Humanity and it's defense. I have realized that it is a priority of our times and that it is ever the most important. That's why I will develop in this part a full advocacy for Humanity, for our values and for their defense.