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I was a profoundly gifted child... This is something that France doesn't no what to do of... More... The French Educative System is so crazy but also so much sustained in its madness that I was almost killed for the Ethic of respecting and improving the fundamental role of Education for the Youth and for the French Future... Happy to deliver you here a few texts that as openly published on the web won't cause me any direct trouble with the French... This should be seeing as the use of my basic right to "Freedom of Speech"... I think it should be read, the French may have calmed down now... But I will be much more happy to post various kinds of advanced researches here.

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"When We Open a School, We Close A Jail" Victor Hugo

This citation from Victor Hugo testifies of how badly things are taking place in France. The French Educative System is so much "the Best of the Universe" that of course nothing has been done to change anything. In the French suburbs things have gone over time from sweat violence, to extreme violence, to Terrorism, to two Years of State of Emergency with strictly nothing done. Now France is going to open a lot of Jails, the State of Emergency Law is going to become a common Law, maintaining in the very long run a state of criminality.